Welcome to the Enlighten Research Panel

Do you have opinions on products, services, gadgets, government, society or anything else? Then you are at the right place! Enlighten is an online research panel that is interested in your opinions, in fact we are so interested in them, we will reward you for sharing them with us! Join Enlighten today and take part in our surveys and discussions on a variety of topics and get rewarded for your opinions.

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What's Enlighten all about?

Enlighten is an online research panel where people can sign up and share their opinions about a variety of topics. Our clients want to know what you think about their products, services, advertising and a whole range of things and we help them connect with you. By signing up, you will be invited to take part in surveys and discussions that will help our clients deliver a better service to you. Because we know your opinions are valuable, we will reward you for sharing them with us.
"Oh really and how will you do that?" we hear you ask…well here is a sneak preview:

Trade your opinion for a gift:

For every survey you complete, you will receive points. Points can be exchanged for gift vouchers in our gift shop (we already have some lovely stores from which you can choose and we might add more soon).

Maybe you will get lucky:

Each month we will have a lucky draw over and above the points you receive. You can win some exciting prizes so keep your eyes peeled for the latest on our lucky draws.

You can make a difference:

We'd also like to give to those who don't have the opportunity to make their voices heard. Every time we run a survey, we will donate R1 to The Reach for a Dream Foundation on behalf of the first 250 people who complete the survey. You also have the choice to donate your ‘points' to the organisation, all the more reason for you to join Enlighten.